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Microsoft employees to get Oprah treatment

by on14 September 2012

Surface tablets and Windows phones under the seat

Microsoft’s delightfully understated CEO Steve Ballmer announced Thursday that all 90,000+ Microsoft employees will get free Surface tablets, phones and new PC’s with Windows 8.

The Vole is proving generous, as each employee will get a Surface RT tablet, Windows Phone 8 handset and a brand new work PC of their choosing, ranging from desktops, laptops, ultrabooks to tablets.

However, don’t expect custodial staff to get pricey new phones and tablets. The giveaway extends only to full-time direct employees. If their Facebook profiles are anything to go by, they are ecstatic and who wouldn’t be.

Some punters are calling Steve Ballmer the new Oprah and describing Microsoft as the best company ever. We are not sure Google or Apple employees would agree, but then again their gear is flying off store shelves, so their outfits don’t have to hand it out for free.

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