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Intel wants to kill passwords

by on13 September 2012

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IDF 2012: Jedi login, Palm secure

Intel has just demonstrated Palm Secure, a technology that will let you log in to your system with using the force rather than your password. [
. Ed]

Instead of knowing all your passwords, you can just put your hand in front of a quite bulky and boxy prototype sensor and Windows will let you in. This is a prototype so we will give Intel a break, but all you need to get lot in is to hold your hand palm facing the sensor and get logged in. Furthermore you can get to your bank account on a tablet and once you put your device on a coffee table, Palm Secure can log it automatically via data from the accelerometer. You can open it again with the force of your palm.

It looks interesting and we are sure we will see something like this sooner than later. Is it going to replace the fingertip scanner that comes with many business notebooks is yet to be seen, but opening your palm looks easier than swiping ones finger. Then again, you will still need to log onto Exchange, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Skype, bank account, Amazon and god knows what else as I doubt that many of you will leave your bank password saved in a browser.

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