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Apple nicked designs that were a decade old

by on16 August 2012


So much for cutting edge

Apple did not invent designs for the iPad but just nicked ideas which had been kicking around the technology industry for a decade. According to Samsung evidence, which is being presented in the patent trial, Apple’s IP is invalid.

Samsung already argued that Apple’s pinch-to-zoom patent was stolen from Mitsubishi’s old Diamond Touch and yesterday it showed the jury with videotaped testimony from Roger Fidler. Fidler, head of the digital publishing program at the University of Missouri, stated that he began work on a tablet design in 1981 which he showed Apple, who again saw his designs in the mid-1990s.

He designed his tablet with the assumptions were that it would be a touchscreen without a stylus. His tablet design would be used to build a working model in 1994, which featured rounded corners and a flat touchscreen.

So in other words, Apple employees were exposed to Fidler’s tablet more than a decade before the company launched the iPad in 2010.

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