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Facebook defends racist page

by on08 August 2012


It is just being funny

Facebook is at odds with race watchdogs down under after it defended a page where people make racist comments about Aborigines, claiming that they are “just a laugh”. Race Discrimination Commissioner Helen Szoke told Facebook "humor" page targeting Aborigines was a breach of the Racial Discrimination Act and told the site to take it down.

Apparently Facebook believes that it is possible to say what ever racist slur you like if you are trying to make a gag. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is also investigating the page following a campaign condemning Facebook over its claims that the page is not considered hate speech.

The "Aboriginal memes" page portray Aboriginal people as inferior drunks who sniff petrol and live off welfare. What is ironic is that Facebook tolerates this sort of hate-mongering but refuses to allow mothers to post images of themselves breastfeeding their babies.

Facebook has responded to those who complained about the Aboriginal Memes page, saying it was "not able to confirm that the specific page you reported violates Facebook's statement of rights and responsibilities". The page consists of various images of Australian aborigines each with racist text over the top of it.

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