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BAE expert says Cyber crime evolving like topsy

by on11 July 2012

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Behavioural analytics is the way forward

Tom Burton, Head of Cyber for Defence at BAE Systems Detica said that cyber crime was evolving at an unsettling pace but behavioural analytics could provide a few answers to stopping it.

Speaking at the Farnborough Air Show, in the UK, Burton said that advanced behavioural analytics are getting better at identifying the most sophisticated attacks and to rapidly qualify them as dangerous or benign. This means that massive volumes of data can be sifted through and turned into strong evidence of real tangible threats.

Organisations in several sectors are now growing mindful of the threat posed, and recognising that it is impossible to prevent attacks.

As a result they are reappraising their risk management strategies, and examining how to implement sophisticated measures that identify even the most advanced of attacks so that they can be managed before they have an impact.

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