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Apple CEO travels to China

by on27 March 2012


iPing iPong diplomacy

In the chain of events that even saw the infidel scenario of Apple’s loyal customers turning against the company, Apple CEO Tim Cook traveled to China. He is expected to meet with government officials and discuss ongoing pressing matters such as iPad trademark and labor issues.

This is Cook’s first trip to China since he took over from Apple’s late messiah Steve Jobs. Apple’s spokesperson confirmed the trip but declined to provide details on Cook’s agenda other than saying that he will meet with government officials. Apple’s has found itself in hot water over its supply chain and labor conditions therein. Namely, it has been revealed that its shiny toys are made in factories that treat their workers as if they’re Windows users.

While the visit may suggest the almost humanitarian nature of Cook’s visit, the actual reason behind it is more likely to be Apple’s business in China. China is Apple’s second biggest market but it has been losing to Samsung as of late.

Apple already has iPhone deals with Unicom and China Telecom. The only remaining carrier, China Mobile, is expected to jump aboard as well, which is regarded by many as crucial to boosting iPhone sales in China.

Cook reiterated the company’s interest in expansion and said Apple has merely scratched the surface. He didn't say whether it was Aluminosilicate surface and whether it scratches easily.

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