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Playstation Vita tanks

by on30 December 2011

Sales fall

It looks like Sony's Playstation Vita has not recovered from the news that it had problems.

Sony quickly moved to fix the technical issues of the PlayStation Vita, but it seems that sales of the device have fallen dramatically. Sales of the PlayStation Vita have fallen by nearly 80 percent during the week that ended on December 25. According to tracking outfit Media Create Sony flogged 325,000 Vita units on December 17 and 18, but only sold about 10,000 units a day during the following week.

Sales of the PlayStation Portable beat sales of the PlayStation Vita by approximately 25,000 units. Nintendo's 3DS sold half a million units in the same week. While analysts say that smartphones and tablets are killing off the Vita it does not explain why the others are doing ok.

Possibly because it costs shedloads? The Wi-Fi model of the PlayStation Vita costs about $320 and the 3G/Wi-Fi model costs approximately $385 in Japan. Vita also requires the purchase of a Sony memory card that starts at $20 for the 4GB size and ranges up to $100 for the 32GB card. Sony is also planning on selling a $40 “starter kit” that includes a 4GB memory card, screen cover, card case, cleaning cloth, headphones and carry pouch.

Meanwhile the Nintendo 3DS is cheaper.

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