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Windows 8 will be downloadable

by on22 November 2011


USB install

Windows 8 is coming at some point in the second half 2012, probably around September, and Microsoft wants to grab as much attention as possible.

It wants to show you that Windows 8 will be worth the money and one of the cool things that about the new OS is that you will be able to download it and burn it to ISO DVD / Blu-ray or simply install it from a USB drive.

You need 3GB or larger USB and Windows will format it and delete everything you have on it. Microsoft promises that in 11 steps you can have your Windows downloaded and installed. So even if you are one step away from being a full blown alcoholic, you should have no trouble getting around.

You will have an option to choose whether to upgrade your Windows 7 to Windows 8 or to install a new copy on a different partition. Of course you need to set your bios to boot from USB, but this should not be that hard to do, even for newbie.

Another nice thing is also an upgrade report that will tell you which of your applications will work with the upgrade. Well, we said enough, you can check it here and see the video.

Retail stores will probably miss out on a lot of Windows sales, as we can imagine that a lot of people will buy and download Windows rather that pick up a physical disc and install.

Last modified on 22 November 2011
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