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Press less enthusiastic over Apple

by on06 October 2011

Now that Jobs is gone
They have not buried Steve Jobs yet, but the Tame Apple press appears to have turned on its favourite company. While the press is full of tributes to Jobs which are just bizarre - he did not invent the mouse, the PC, the tablet or the smartphone - the Tame  Apple Press is being less than nice about Apple's future without its Messiah.

According to Reuters, death of Apple's "inspirational leader" is likely to have a deep impact on the maker of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, giving major rivals a greater chance to catch up with the technology giant. Reuters claims that Steve Jobs' creative spirit was so closely tied to  the fortunes of Apple that his death means everything is going to drop down the loo.

Kim Young-chan, an analyst at Shinhan Investment in Seoul said that it was "Jobs' Apple, not Apple's Jobs." Simon Liu, deputy investment officer of Polaris Group's fund unit said that Apple no longer has someone as creative and ambitious as Jobs that they can rely on.

We noticed that there was a change amongst the Tame Apple Press when, for the first time, it reported accurately that the iPhone 4S was the same as the iPhone 4 and a waste of dosh. There were some acceptions.

The New York Times loyally waded into the doubters as did Cnet, but the Wall Street Journal was, for the first time negative. Reuters, which normally would be wetting itself about how well a new iPhone was doing admitted that the iPhone 4S failed to wow fans and investors and some analysts said the rare loss of momentum could give rivals room to push their products.

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