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iPhone users are superior beings, survey finds

by on18 August 2011

Also smug, vain and more likely to text while driving
A new survey reveals some interesting differences between average Android and iOS users, ranging from consumer habits to political views. The unscientific survey conducted by found that iPhone users tend to be wealthier, more educated and more liberal compared to their Android counterparts. Women are apparently more interested in iPhones, and so are fancy city folk.

The Android camp prefers saving more money, and they are likely to be politically conservative and less travelled that iPhone users. On the other hand, some 27 percent of iPhone users claim they tend to lead, while 71 percent of Android users tend to follow, so Hitler and Stalin would probably prefer iPhones. So much for being in good company.

Android users are 12 percent more likely to own a pet, while Apple fans seem to believe their gadgets are pets. In the culture and media department, Android users seem to be more into gothic stuff and surrealism, while the Apple crowd is into minimalism and Bauhaus.

Both Android and Apple users seem to have horrible taste in movies and music, but at least we can relate to Android folks in the food and drink survey. They like steaks and popcorn, while Apple lovers are into yogurt, sushi and tapas.

Apple users are also more likely to text while driving. Good, let them.

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Last modified on 18 August 2011
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