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Firefox 6.0 available

by on15 August 2011

Official launch tomorrow

Firefox 6 will officially launch tomorrow, August 16th and it will replace Firefox 5. Firefox 5 was born on June 21st and it was released a mere three months after Firefox 4. This time around, Firefox 5 will be replaced by version 6 less than two months after version 5 appeared.


Firefox 6 for Windows is 13.3 MB download and we can report that it works just fine. A few of our favorite web pages work like a charm and this includes this one you are reading. Firefox 7 is well under beta, and if Mozilla foundation continues at this speed, you might see the official version well before the end of the year.

You can download the Windows version here, and in case you need the one for other operating systems you can do a quick web search.

The official version via Firefox update should be available tomorrow, August 16th.

Last modified on 15 August 2011
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