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AMD might be regretting getting rid of Dirk

by on04 July 2011

Six months on it has not found someone better
After six months AMD still has not found someone to replace Dirk Meyer as CEO. Meyer quit because the board did not like his answer to tablets and mobiles, which suggested that it was just another Apple fad and would blow away.

But the problem is that AMD is doing rather well at the moment, not because of anything it has done in the last six months, but because of what Meyer was doing before he left. The company, which has substantial operations in Austin, has introduced two new families of PC processors in the first half of the year, Brazos and Llano, and both have been well received by PC makers. Things are starting to look like AMD's share of the PC market might climb to 25 percent or so over the next several quarters.

Meyer's believed that AMD should be targeting Intel over the PC processor market and ignore the tablet and smartphone thing. It is starting to look like he was right. Companies that have been investing large amounts of cash in tablets have lost it. In other words, the plans and programs put in place by Meyer and his team are just starting to pay off. But AMD stock is too cheap. You can pick a share up for $7 and most of that is because the outfit has not found a CEO. Part of the problem is that they want a Meyer who agrees with them about tablets and knows about them. There are few that fit that bill.
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