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Smartphone users fear data loss

by on09 June 2011

Not really sure about mobile providers
Smartphone users have a phobia about losing their data and are not really sure if they can trust their mobile supplier.

According to a survey from AdaptiveMobile, there is a significant gap between users’ concerns about mobile security and their knowledge about how to stay protected. After interviewing 1,000 smartphone users they discovered that while mobile operators are more trusted than many other service providers, it all depends on how well they can safeguard subscribers’ personal data and protect them from financial loss.

The report said Telcos will be stuffed if there is a report of a lost of personal data on their networks. More than 73 per cent thought that the biggest factor in building trust in a mobile operator is keeping personal details secure while only half thought service quality and reliability was important.

Apparently users hold mobile network operators responsible for a variety of security issues including unexpected items on their bill, SMS text phishing, mobile spam, malware and rogue applications. Users are more concerned about the data and information stored on their phone and the possibility of identity theft. Only half were worried about losing the handset.

However users were leaving themselves exposed to mobile security risks with half of them opening an SMS text message from someone they don’t know, 36 per cent would open an email on their mobile from someone they don’t know and 32 per cent save log-in information such as passwords on their device.

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