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Intel quietly adds Arc A570M and A530M GPUs

by on02 August 2023

Based on ACM-G12 GPU

Intel has quietly added two more mobile graphics cards to the Arc A-series family, the Arc A570M, and the Arc A530M. Packing 16 and 12 Xe-Cores, these two GPUs have been spotted in the latest GPU driver and confirmed to use the ACM-G12 GPU.

Intel's website also lacks some specifications but reveals the number of GPU cores, clocks, and TDP. Thanks to Device IDs, these are also confirmed to feature the ACM-G12 GPU, which has been previously only seen with the Arc Pro A60 GPU.

intel g12 1

As detailed by Intel's website and reported by, the Arc A570M features the same 16 Xe-Cores as the Arc A550M, but has a higher clock of 1.3GHz, which means it draws more power, pushing the TDP to 75W-95W. The Arc A530M packs 12 Xe-Cores, leaving it with 1536 shaders, and has the same GPU clock of 1.3GHz, with a TDP of 65W-95W.

intel arcmobile570530m 1

Intel's leaked roadmap already showcased these two new mobile graphics cards on track for release in Q3, and with the official driver launched, the Arc A570M and Arc A530M should hopefully show up in some laptops soon.


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