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Marvell increases presence in Israel

by on23 May 2011

Following the mighty Chipzilla
Marvell, which is a chip company and nothing to do with superheroes, has decided to follow the Mighty Chipzilla across the Jordan and set up more tabernacles in the Promised Land.

The Silicon Valley chip designer has said that it is writing a cheque for $200 million to splash out in Israel to accelerate research and development of critical communications, mobile and system-on-chip technologies. Marvell provides the chips for RIMs Blackberrys, has two R&D centres in Israel that employ more than 1,200 people.

Yossi Meyouhas, general manager of Marvell Israel said that Israel has faced new, expanded international competition in R&D. We assume that he was not meaning Hezbollah. He said that the new challenges are essential in stimulating global progress in technology, it is critical that organisations invest to ensure Israel remains a recognised leader in R&D an technology innovation.

Marvell has been in Israel for a decade after it bought Galileo. It has spent $3.5 billion in the promised land in the hope of milk and honey.
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