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Tame Apple Press has brain fart over “slim” Sim cards

by on18 May 2011

It is not the size it is the width you morons
The Tame Apple Press, which gets excited over everything that Apple makes, has had a bit of a brain fart when it comes to Jobs Mob's latest inovation.According to Reuters, Jobs' Mob is pushing for the adoption of smaller sim cards for smartphones.

If Apple gets its way and a smaller SIM card, then the microSIM found in the iPad and iPhone 4, will be standardised. Apparently the fruity cargo cult is trying to persuade wireless carriers worldwide to use the SIM card.

All that is fair enough, but the Tame Apple press did not think that story was sexy enough. We did a Google search and a number of them were reporting that the Sim will enable Jobs' Mob to come up with “thinner” phones and iPads. In this headline for example it is implied.

The downside of this is that a Sim card is pretty thin already and a smaller sim card would be er... the same thickness. If Jobs gets telcos to use the smaller Sims, it will not make the slightest difference to the thickness of the gadgets.

Given the lay out of most phones the size of the Sim will probably not change much in the external design of the phone at all. Still that never stopped the Tame Apple Press from attempting to give Jobs' Mob a free advert.

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