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Mac users are supposed to be more liberal

by on25 April 2011

Hummus eating, San Pelligrino drinkers
A survey by aggregator Hunch has shown that Apple users are more likely to be Liberal, hummus, eating San Pelligrino drinkers who are a lot more chic than people who use PCs.

In a bizzare statistics exercise using  a survey of 388,315 Hunch users Mac users arepolitically liberal, more urban, younger and more educated than their PC-using counterparts. Half of the user base were PC people and a quarter used Macs. 23 percent did not use anything which makes you wonder how the got hold of the Hunch survey.

The survey propped up the usual marketing line that  Mac users are chic, design-oriented and like hummus and San Pelligrino. PC users wear jeans and drink Pepsi or Orange Crush. PC people like sweets, while Mac people like salty chips. PC people lean towards white wines, while Mac people like the red stuff.

According to the survey Mac people are better educated with 67 percent of them finishing a four-year college degree or higher, as compared to just 54 percent of PC people. Half of Mac people live in a city, while PC people are 18 percent more likely than Mac people to live in the suburbs and 21 percent live in rural areas.

Mac people throw a lot more parties than PC people, although the survey did not indicate if anyone showed up to them. Mac people are more confident about their verbal abilities but less confident about their math abilities than PC people. Mac people are more likely to see random people as "similar," whereas PC people are more likely to see them as "different". Mac users subscribe to Macworld while PC users read something more interesting.

We would not put too much store on the results. Anything that has a quarter of the world actually using Macs has got to be fairly bogus to start with. Mac users are used to lying to themselves that their expensive toys are worth what they paid for them. This probably means they would lie about their education too. It would not be surprising that they can't add up as well as PC people, especially considering that they think a Mac is good value for money.

And since when was eating Hummus a sign of sophistication? I also never met a white wine drinking PC user, while most Apple users I know get incredibly drunk over a sniff of lemonade.

If being liberal is about being tolerant and progressive then I would suggest the average Apple fanboy, black shirt is more conservative than the Waffan SS. If PC users were conservatives then the whole world, short of one percent, would vote for conservative governments.

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