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AMD can't find a new CEO

by on29 March 2011

Two months and no one named
It seems that AMD is having some difficulty finding someone to take the role of CEO. Dirk Meyer announced he was quitting two months ago, after a disagreement with the board over strategy. However since then no one has been named as a likely replacement.

Some of that might be to do with what is happening at AMD. Not only did Meyer quit after a row with the board, chief operating officer Robert Rivet also quit as did Marty Seyer, corporate vice president for strategy.

There are no rumours that AMD has made overtures and been rejected, or if the board is having a tough time finding  someone with the right stuff. Some analysts say AMD might even go outside the confines of chip makers for its new leader although you do need some technology savvy to work out what is going on at the outfit.

However if a quarter passes without an appointment, investors will start to get concerned that the outfit is rudderless.

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