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Club3D enters PSU market

by on21 September 2010


With five new PSU models

Graphics card maker Club3D has decided to enter the PSU market and has released a total of five new modular power supply units that will be a part of its Switching Power Supply series.

The new series will be available as a 400, 600, 700, 850 and 1000W model and are seperated in three groups, depending on how much power do you actually need. All five models are ATX 12V v2.3 and EPS 12V compliant and feature all the need protections like Over Current, Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Over Power and Short Circuit.

The 400 and 600W models are made for single VGA configurations, the 700 and 850W for dual and 1000W is for those that run three graphics cards. These are also separated in three groups by the color of their fan, so you have yellow for 400 and 600W, green for 700 and 850W and blue for the 1000W model.

The yellow ones are rated with 80Plus (over 80% efficiency) and feature two 12V rails with 16 and 22Amps. The rest of the pack is 80Plus Bronze certified (85% efficiency) and these feature a quad 12V rail design with 32, 34 and 38Amps per rail. The yellow ones are cooled by a 120mm fan while the rest of the lineup is cooled by a 135mm one.

The availability date and prices haven't been announced yet.

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