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New AMD CEO likely from inside

by on06 April 2011

Decision soon
Industry sources have told Fudzilla that AMD still has to choose its new CEO. The candidates are being interviewed and the decision is expected not long from now.

The most likely candidate for the post is interim CEO Thomas Seifert, the chap who used to be the Chief Financial Officer before Dirk left. There are some whispers that he got offered the job but it is not certain if he likes the idea.

A few other executive vice presidents have interviewed for the position, including Rick Bergman that many know from his ATI days, but so far sources believe that Thomas Seifert is ahead in the running, of course in case he decides to go for it.

So far our sources are not aware of any non-AMD candidates being considered or interviewed, but this is quite reasonable, as this would be kept rather secret. At this point, interim CEO Seifert has the best chance of taking helm.
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