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Limewire settles copyright case

by on09 March 2011

Well one of them at least
Filesharing outfit LimeWire has settled the copyright infringement case brought against them by the National Music Publishers Association.

Music publishers, including Sony and Warner Music, sued LimeWire for copyright infringement last June. All claims brought against LimeWire and Chief Executive Mark Gorton were dismissed following a filing in a New York federal court.

It is not clear how much Limewire had to pay to make the case go away. Certainly it is not saying anything about it. Each side will pay its own costs incurred including attorneys' fees. The music publisher's have released a statement that they are pleased this litigation is over and the final result is “a good result for all involved."

It is not the end of Limewire's legal woes. They are still fighting a case brought against them by 13 record companies. This is due on May 2 and might actually finish the outfit.

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