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DirecTV HD TiVo again delayed?

by on24 February 2011

Latest info suggests late 2011 launch
The latest news for DirecTV satellite subscribers who are still holding out hope that the new DirecTV HD TiVo will arrive at some point, means they might have to again wait a little longer. In a Tweet seen on the DirecTV Twitter feed, a comment from the mother ship indicates a likely late 2011 launch.

While DirecTV continues to comment that details for the launch of the new Mpeg 4 HD TiVo are still being worked out, our sources are telling us that that the soonest we will see the new box is maybe a June/July timeframe; but right now it is looking like October, according to what we are hearing. 

While close to three years have passed since the announcement that a new DirecTV TiVo HD receiver would be coming, both DirecTV and TiVo have been very guarded on exactly what the deal is with the receiver and the reason for the delays in getting it released.

Some have suggested a number of theories as to why it is taking so long to get this done; but many of the thoughts surrounding this seem to center on DirecTV’s desire to promote its own brand of satellite DVR boxes, rather than using ones with the TiVo interface. Still, many DirecTV subscribers continue to keep a candle lit in hopes that they will finally be able to get the “Duke Nukem” of the satellite TV world.

Even Duke Nukem finally got a release date that looks like it is going to happen, and we have to wonder at this point how relevant the DirecTV box will be when it is finally released. Additional rumors seem to suggest that it will not offer many of the features found in the latest CableCard generation Series 3 TiVo units, and it could even lack some of the features of the latest generation of DirecTV DVR units; if true, this means that it could be an uphill battle for the box.

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