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Apple expected to ship 30 million new iPads

by on24 February 2011

Launch slated for March 2
Apple is reportedly planning to reveal the iPad 2 at an event on March 2.

The new tablet should feature a faster processor, more memory, two cameras and a few other features, all packed in a thinner and lighter chassis. As always, Apple’s secrecy paid off and the spec is still the subject of much speculation, so we’d rather not get into it.

There have also been quite a few rumours regarding the iPad launch date, which was thrown around by a number of media outlets. Depending on whom you ask, the new tablet should launch March 2, early June, or yesterday.

Interestingly, RBC analysts are telling investors that Apple will manage to ship as many as 30 million units in the first year of sales. This number comes as no surprise, considering the impressive success of the first generation iPad.

Many observers were hoping that cheaper Android tablets would manage to grab a significant share by the time Apple rolls out the second generation. However, Google’s delays have pushed back the launch date for weeks and now that vendors are actually starting to introduce Android tabs it turns out they cost as much as an iPad, or even more.

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