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Apple not green in China

by on20 January 2011

Does not care about poisoned workers, claim
While the fruity toymaker Apple tends to bang on about its green credentials, Chinese green groups have said that it fails to properly oversee its Chinese suppliers, leading to poor environmental and safety standards, and dozens of poisoned factory workers.

Apple, continues to be dogged by accusations of aggressive pricing and secretive supply chain management in Chinese factories where they now assemble most of their products. Ma Jun of the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs said that Jobs Mob is not honouring its commitment in ensuring its supply chain's work safety and environmental responsibility and giving dignity and respect to the workers

The institute published a detailed report on what it says is malpractice in Apple's supply chain saying that Jobs' Mob only care about price and qualityand not the environmental and social responsibility issues. Ma accused Apple of driving suppliers to cut corners to win their contracts.

Apple insist it had a rigorous auditing regime and all its suppliers were monitored and investigated regularly. However the environmentalists point out that Lianjian Technology which is one of Apple's major touchscreen suppliers, was accused of using N-Hexane, a toxic solvent, to clean screens.  More than 47 factory workers were poisoned.

Ma said that Apple's lack of responsiveness was shocking.

Last modified on 20 January 2011
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