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Hitachi releases two new drive families

by on04 January 2011

Optimized for DVRS
The company which sounds like sneeze, Hitachi, has added two new drive families to its cast of consumer electronic optimized hard drives for the growing digital video recorder, IPTV set-top-box, video surveillance and emerging hard drive-embedded TV markets.

The 3.5-inch CinemaStar 5K2000 family, which has 2TB and 1.5TB capacities, and the 2.5-inch CinemaStar C5K750 series which has 750GB, 640GB and 500GB models. Each claim to be low power, barely audible and reliable line of hard drives, specifically optimised and fine-tuned for the audio/video market.

Brendan Collins, vice president of Product Marketing, Hitachi said that DVR capacity constraints are becoming more acute with the ever increasing appetite for on-demand entertainment and the desire to store – and never delete – recorded TV shows and movies.

The CinemaStar 5K2000 and C5K750 families are now shipping to customers worldwide, although Hitachi have not mentioned a price yet.

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