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Prudish Apple gets sued for boob

by on08 December 2010

Tabloid slams Jobs' Mob's selective morals
Tabloid newspaper Ekstra Bladet is suing Apple for not allowing an iPad application to be approved.

Jobs' Mob insists that the scantily-clad lady on page nine will need more clothes as Apple fanbois are not used to seeing real naked women and site of a real breast will make them have dreams for weeks. It has rejected Ekstra Bladet's application to approve its e-paper, arguing that the topless Page 9 Girl is “offensive”.

We guess that makes half the population of the world who have breasts offensive but Jobs comes from a country which was populated by all the religious nutters who were thrown out of England for being too boring.

Ekstra Bladet editor-in-chief Poul Madsen said there was nothing pornographic or offensive about the page 9 girl as she is part of the soul of the paper.

“She’s a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine in a daily reality that is usually filled with violence and crime.”

He accused Apple of unfair censorship and anti-competitive behaviour, since the paper cannot be published in its entirety in Apple’s iPad format. Madsen said that Apple had arrogantly ignored our enquiries. However he thinks that is about to change now that we’ve threatened to take the case to the EU-tribunal.

The paper is asking its readers to send in examples of other tabloids, such as German paper Bild and British The Sun, which are allowed to show topless girls on their iPad applications. We think that the EU commissioners will study the evidence very carefully.


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