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In-game location sold for $335,000

by on18 November 2010

Investor means business
Online sci-fi game Entropia Universe has seen one of its in-game entertainment venues sold for hefty $335,000. The “venue” is a “club” called Neverdie and it has been sold to a 35 year old Boston man Yan Panasjuk.

Apparently, the “club” includes seven bio-domes, a stadium, a nightclub and a mall, which in real world definitely would make for a great investment. Pixel-estate, on the other hand, wouldn’t seem as good to many, but the proud new owner thinks otherwise.

Panasjuk explained his decision by drawing a parallel with motion pictures, MTV and the internet and how it was once said they’re just a fad, yet they rake in serious dough now. Comparably, he expects his investment to follow suit, as he finds it to be the next logical step in world entertainment.

With that in mind, Panasjuk plans to decrease the work hours on his job as a software developer and up the game playing time from 10-20 per week to 40-60 hours per week.

Last modified on 18 November 2010
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