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AMD joins MeeGo project

by on16 November 2010

Questing to create a standardised mobile Linux
Chipmaker AMD has signed up to the MeeGo project and will now go questing in search of a standardised mobile Linux platform.

While this would not have struck Mallory as the architypal quest for the Holy Grail, it is being seen as a sign that MeeGo is getting the sort of street cred needed among the hardware industry and that the project is working well. The news was announced by Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin during the MeeGo Round Table Conference. Apparently Sir AMD was a surprise participant.

MeeGo was launched earlier this year by Intel and Nokia. It has asked the Linux Foundation to take over stewardship of the project and help establish a vendor-neutral system with the idea of attracting other contributors. So far there have been few MeeGo-powered devices to enter the land, despite a growing number of mobile device and component manufacturers are backing the quest.

The fact that Sir AMD is sheathing its sword to quest alongside is sworn enema Intel shows that MeeGo is doing well at encouraging cooperation. Sir AMD has vowed to contribute technical resources to MeeGo.

AMD VP of software development Ben Bar-Haim in a statement that MeeGo represents an exciting, open-source mobile operating system we expect to be adopted by mobile and embedded device makers over time.
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