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Microsoft orders the death of XP

by on26 October 2010

And stop that wriggling
Software Imperium Microsoft has finally lost patience and told OEMs to stop flogging Windows XP.

Despite several stays of execution, due mostly to the failure of Windows Vista, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has finally signed XP's death warrant. It has had more than eight years on the top an is arguably the most successful software in the history of the world. But now Microsoft is no longer allowing PC makers to legally pre-install its venerable WIndows XP operating system on new computers.

Most computer makers topped shipping PCs with Windows XP pre-installed some time ago. Dell was the last bastion, cutting off XP installations back in September. However a small number of PC makers still ship XP on some of their machines. The decision might harm companies and organizations who need to upgrade or replace hardware, but either can’t or won’t move on from Windows XP.

But the writing has been on the wall since 2009 when the Imperium pulled the plug on mainstream support for WIndows XP. Microsoft will be offering “extended” support for the operating system all the way to 2014. duled for the first half of 2011.
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