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Ubuntu 10.10 does not hit the shops

by on11 October 2010

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Canonical have released Ubuntu 10.10 yesterday which also happened to be the 10th day of the 10th month. The new OS release seems to be focused on lower resolution netbooks, with a better interface, 2GB of free online storage, and even multi-touch support.

However after the last major update, this version of Ubuntu looks a bit tame. The installer has been revamped, though the changes are for the most part cosmetic. Some menus appear to have changed. Unfortunately, the actual install process still means that you have to dump everything onto a single partition. Which is something other versions of Linux do not require.

When booted up, 10.10 doesn't look radically different from the previous release it does have a number of very subtle improvements to the default theme. Application windows have smoother gradients, window buttons have been enlarged and refined, and the default Humanity icon set has seen a slight makeover.

The most noticeable change in Ubuntu 10.10 is the Ubuntu Software Centre, which has a History option in the side menu, showing all package installations, removals, and upgrades by date.

Dubbed Maverick Meerkat the CD sized ISO can be downloaded directly from the Ubuntu homepage. While it is worthwhile if you are using Ubuntu it is not much to write home about.

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