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Oracle sues Micron

by on29 September 2010

Claims DRAM fix
Oracle is suing Micron claiming that the outfit conspired with other computer chip manufacturers push up the price of DRAM. It is one of the lawsuits that Oracle inherited the lawsuit after purchasing Sun last January.

The claims go a long way back to the period between 1998 and 2002, when Sun bought $2 billion worth of DRAM. Micron reached a private settlement in 1997 for $80 million settlement in a private antitrust suit. It was also one of five chip makers to plead guilty to price-fixing charges stemming from a Department of Justice investigation that began in 2002.

In other news Acer has withdrawn a lawsuit filed Monday in New York against IBM. In that case the PC maker claimed Big Blue owed it money to cover tax refunds Acer had to pay the Taiwanese government. Acer got so bored waiting for IBM to pay up it deducted the amount it owed in taxes from its royalty payment to IBM.

IBM alleged violated their licensing agreement. Now the companies have decided to work out the dispute without lawyers getting involved.
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