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Adobe overtakes Microsoft in vulnerabilities ladder

by on23 May 2011

Perseverance was key
Kaspersky Lab has announced that vulnerabilities in Adobe’s apps have kicked Microsoft’s behind, and the latter company no longer boasts the title of the mother of all perforated ships. The company published a report on Q1 2011 and a vulnerability ladder, and Adobe’s “work” seems to have finally paid off.

Unlike in 2010, Microsoft only had one Office-related vulnerability in top ten, but I guess there’s always a new OS that will set things right. On the other hand, Adobe’s Acrobat Reader buffer flow vulnerability, which proudly sits on top, was found on 40.78% computers, with Flash Player vulnerabilities second and third. That’s not all though, as Reader, Flash and Shockwave make up for half of the ladder. Sun Java JDK/JRE/SDK vulnerabilities came in fourth and fifth with Apple’s Quicktime and Winamp ones coming in sixth and seventh.

Furthermore, it was reported that 89% of malware hosting resources come from 10 countries. The US and Russian Federation sitting at the top of the ladder would make you think that there’s a cold malware war going on, but the Dutch and Chinese seem to be doing fine as well.

Top three countries where surfing runs the highest risk of infection are Russian Federation (49.63%), Oman (49.57%) and Iraq (45.65%). The lowest amount of attacks was reported in Japan, Germany, Serbia, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg.

You can find the full report here.

Last modified on 23 May 2011
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