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Neutrality good for business

by on24 September 2010

Telcos have got it wrong
A New York University think-tank is claiming that net neutrality is good for businesses and telcos should not be allowed to set up a two-tiered internet.

The report from the Institute of Policy Integrity at the NYU School of Lawsaid that the Google-Verizon proposal would increase economic uncertainty by weakening the open framework of the Internet. Michael Livermore, executive director of Policy Integrity said it would be better to take a cautious approach by protecting net neutrality. He said that the government should move forward with their plan to keep net neutrality in place in order to preserve the open Internet.

The report argues a shift away from net neutrality now may be impossible to reverse at a later date. On the other hand, strict net neutrality rules today could be relaxed down the road if better alternatives emerge. ISPs hope the government will fail to act and will potentially boosting  their bottom line at the expense of users. But stopping the development of a two tiered internet could have irreversible effects on the nature of the Web and might come with harmful economic outcomes for the majority of Internet users.  The current system works and it should be protected, the report said.
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