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Nigerians sold my house

by on14 September 2010

Scam gets out of control
Nigeran cyber-scammers managed to nick and sell a bloke's house and sell it while he was on holiday. An international cybercrime investigation is underway into a sophisticated scam network that left a Western Australian man without his half a million dollar home.

Roger Mildenhall, had been overseas for more than a year when his neighbour informed him that a house of his had been put on the market and was in the process of being sold. To make matters worse he found found out that another property of his had already been sold in June.

He rushed home and managed to stop the sale of the second house and the  crimes were reported to the coppers. Apparently the thieves  managed to get enough information on Mildenhall to satisfy regulatory requirements for a house sale.

The information had come after the scammers cracked Mildenhall's email account and personal and property documents. The cash was funnelled into Chinese bank accounts.

Apparently the hacked email account was previously used by the owner to communicate with the property manager who was also a property selling agent. Local estate agents said it was perfectly normal to flog a property without ever seeing the buyer. 

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