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Facebook left me to stalker

by on03 September 2010

Aussie woman's tale of woe
A mother of three was harassed by a stalker for two weeks because Facebook would not do anything to protect her.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald,  the Sydney woman, her 12 year old daughter and daughter's friends have been subjected to a two-week ordeal at the hands of a Facebook stalker. The stalker hacked into the daughter's Facebook profile and tried to use the account to try to lure the adolescent's friends to divulge information about her.

The person has had online chats with people and knows where the family live, the mother said. He also used the 12-year-old's account to post vulgar and threatening messages on the mother's profile.
"f****ng give me your daughters they love me and i love them, you know you cant keep me away from them forever!  i am going to be with them they are the mother of my children (sic)," reads one message posted by the hacked account on her profile.

She tried reporting [the account] on Facebook, and all her friends to reported it too.  However the Social Notworking site won't reply, or contact them. Facebook said that it does not have to because the daughter should not have an account. Its usage policy, which states that users should be 13 years or older.

In a statement it said: "Facebook cooperates with Australian law enforcement agencies to help ensure that Facebook remains a safe place for our users to connect with friends and family. Local coppers investigated but said that Facebook won't co-operate them. They said that they were making further inquiries.

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