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Microsoft stops issuing XP SP2 updates

by on12 July 2010

And we’ll tell you why you should care
Microsoft has announced that it would stop issuing security fixes and updates for Windows XP Service Pack 2. Although we are talking about an ancient OS, the decision could have serious repercussions on millions of users.

Vista and Windows 7 have been out for years now, but many corporate users still use XP on a massive scale. What’s worse, due to the economic crisis many businesses were forced to postpone their upgrade plans. A survey conducted by Softchoice recently revealed that 8 out of 10 organizations still used XP to some extent.

Security experts warn that Microsoft’s decision could leave millions of PCs more vulnerable to all sorts of attacks, but Microsoft would probably argue that users should just install SP3, as it will continue to receive security updates through April 2014.

While this might be true, it’s unlikely that all users will upgrade to SP3 for one simple reason. If they were keen on upgrading, they wouldn’t be running XP SP2 in this day and age in the first place.

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