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Intel wants its Atom chips to go 1000 MPH

by on23 July 2010

Feeding the bloodhound
Intel has announced that its Atom processors will be under the bonnet of the 1000mph car Bloodhound project.

Intel has announced that its processors will be a key component for the Bloodhound, helping to manage the Typhoon fighter aircraft engine which will propel the car. Atom chips will be part of the engine control and display systems. The Bloodhound car aims to be the first to him 1000 mph.

Intel tells us that the processors are similar to those used in netbooks, but have been specifically tweaked for use in industrial and automotive applications. The chips were chosen for their power-saving and performance prowess. Three chips will manage the car's "hybrid" propulsion systems.

Each processor will be checking the others' calculations to guarantee there are no errors. "Another processor will also be used to relay this and other status information, stored on an internal SSD chip, back to the driver on the cockpit displays." Another four processors will help the 'driver', Wing Commander Andy Green, to keep the car on a smooth trajectory.
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