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Apple set to be the biggest OEM in the Far East

by on22 July 2010

iSuppli notes the rise of Jobs' Mob
Analyst iSuppli claims that Apple is set to become the biggest buyer of hardware from the Far East with considerable economic clout.

According to a report  penned by Min-Sun Moon, senior analyst for semiconductor spend and design at iSuppli the iPad and iPhone is expected to make Apple the world's second-largest OEM semiconductor buyer in 2011.

This could make it the world's top chip purchaser in 2012. With projected semiconductor spending in 2011 of US$16.2 billion, Apple will leap over Samsung Electronics said iSuppli. It will move the company to a close second place behind HP which will retain its No. 1 ranking in 2011 thanks to US$17.1 billion in spending, but might challenge it by 2012.

Spending ranking represents a position of prestige. An advancement in the rankings means that a company has been successful in introducing new products and that it is allocating more dollars in research and development. But it also means that suppliers have to be a lot nicer too you. They have to call you “sir”, or madam, and get out the chocolate biscuits for the meetings rather than the old tea-buscuits.

The next five companies following Apple, in descending order, are Lenovo, SanDisk, RIM, Cisco and Acer.
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