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Microsoft admits 74 per cent of businesses still use XP

by on13 July 2010

Windows 7 is only for new sales

Corporate VP of Windows, Tammi Reller, admitted that nearly three quarters, or 74 percent, of business PCs are still using Windows XP.

Even if the OS has been out to pasture for three years, many companies have refused to upgrade either hardware or software. The average age of a work PC is 4.4 years which is older than ever. Windows 7 addressed many outstanding complaints that left companies skipping Vista.

Home users have been more willing to upgrade to the OS and have bought more than 150 million Windows 7 licenses. Microsoft expects to have sold 350 million licenses by the end of 2010.

Microsoft's problems have not been so much the OS but the fact that businesses do not want to waste money upgrading PCs any more. Many put sales of PCs on hold until after the recession and will have to start buying soon. When they do it is likely to be Windows 7. Microsoft must be hoping that time comes soon.

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