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Microsoft announces Xbox Game Pass service
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Bringing Netflix-style subscription to Xbox One

Microsoft has just made the Xbox One console a bit more interesting by announcing a new subscription service called the Xbox Game Pass, which will give access to over 100 games for US $9.99 a month, when it launches later this spring.

Apple TV service delay
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Jobs Mob can't get broadcasters

Fruity cargo cult Apple's attempt to enter the set-top market is fast going the way of Intel's failed attempt.

US Navy to sink IBM after Lenovo deal
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Because the US never spies on China

The US Navy is the latest to suffer from US paranoia about Chinese spying.


8,000 pay-to-play songs to sing


Will be different from Call of Duty Elite service

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Age of censorship begins


Data center UPS to blame for interruption


Project Roslyn nearly out

Will apparently be coming to game consoles

The music industry will know everything about you