Essential hints at pop up camera
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The Essential, the company started by Andy Ruben has been up for a tough start but there is a big indication that Snapdragon 845 powered new version of the phone is right around the corner.

Essential PH1 Android 8.1 beta OTA arrives
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All new colors shipping  

Essential - the phone launched by Andy Ruben and a bunch of other ex-Googlers has launched three new colors and announced Oreo Android 8.1 OTA beta too.

Essential phone PH-1 is now $499
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A Snapdragon 835 at great price

Essential phone PH-1 sales are slower than the company bosses expected, and the company has decided to cut the price by $200.

Essential sued by Keyssa
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Trade secrets were stolen

Keyssa, a wireless technology company backed by iPod creator and Nest founder Tony Fadell has filed a lawsuit against Essential claiming that the outfit nicked trade secrets and breached their nondisclosure agreement.