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HD 3870 X2 widely available

by on29 January 2008


Europe gets a whole lotta Radeons


We checked the price and availability of DAAMIT's new flagship Radeon HD 3870 X2 card, and it looks like the company did a great job with this one, at least when it comes to availability. Our favorite European price search engine has listed eight different AIB partners and ten different HD 3870 X2 cards; you can check out the listing here.

MSI's and Gecube's overclocked cards are available too, but that OC comes at a higher price tag. The cheaper reference HD 3870 X2 is widely available. For example, has four different cards listed, with three of them available and just one in "48h availability" status. is one of the retailers that has MSI's OC card in stock, but the price is a tad too steep, €459, especially if you can find it available for as low as €399. You can find MSI's HD 3870 X2 OC edition listed here.

The cheapest available reference clocked HD 3870 X2 that we could find comes from Powercolor and sells for €384. You can find it listed here. One of the retailers that also has a nice batch of this dual GPU beast is German K&M Elektronik, which has six different HD 3870 X2 cards listed, five of them at €419 and MSI's OCed version at €439, all of them on "3-day delivery" status. You can find them here.

Maybe DAAMIT learned a lesson from Nvidia's 8800GT availability debacle, but bear in mind that this one is a high-end card and €400+ is a pile of money; there simply aren't that many users willing to cough up so much for a graphics card.

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