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Sapphire going ATOMIC soon

by on24 December 2007


ATOMIC HD 3870 flashed


According to a flash banner advertisement on Sapphire's ATOMIC Web site, an ATOMIC branded HD 3870 might be a winner. If the banner can be trusted, then the ATOMIC HD 3870 will feature a 3m long HDMI cable, some sort of suitcase packaging, high performance cooling, high factory overclock and last, but not least, a $30 voucher.

Sapphire could easily get a winner with its ATOMIC series, which is shaping up really nice, and the HDMI cable is a nice touch. The aforementioned flash banner states that the card will come with impressive clocks and high performance cooling that will keep the noise at low levels. Zerotherm is listed as a partner on the ATOMIC Web site, which makes it a prime candidate for the mentioned high performance cooling. The banner also mentions a $30 gift card voucher which allows you to choose your own game bundle.

Nothing is certain yet, but it looks like the ATOMIC series is coming soon, and the first will certainly be the HD 3870. You can check out the banner on Sapphire's ATOMIC web site.



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