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Flextronics cards expected after November 15th

by on06 November 2007


End of next week

If you are looking for an overclocked G92, we can confirm that around November 15th Nvidia plans to unleash more of these cards that should overclock even higher.

The story is quite simple. Flextronics will kick in with its card production, and we all know that this is the factory that makes the best graphic cards in the world. Who do you think manufactures all Geforce 8800GTX and Ultras, and even the Radeon HD 2900XT cards? The answer is simple:  Flextronics.

Therefore, the next batch of cards will come from Flextronics. But, they will be mixed with the cards that come from Foxconn and PC partners, and it will be almost impossible to recognize which card you are getting. In fact, it will be like pulling a rabbit out of a magician's hat - you never know what you will get.

If you go for 670 to 700MHz overclocked cards, you should not care whether it dies, as if it does Nvidia will provide you with a new one. It is not as if you have many options, so you had better get the one that is available.

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