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Radeon HD 2900 Pro will be short lived

by on20 September 2007

Will only be available in limited quantities

We've been told by a reliable source that the new Radeon HD 2900Pro will only be available in limited quantities, due to the fact that it's actually Radeon HD 2900XT GPU's that haven't meet the grade.

This is hardly surprising, but you'd think that AMD had more than a few thousand of these chips laying around, although since we don't know the ammount of GPU's they get per wafer, it's hard to say if htis is the case or not.

Some manufacturers will get less than 5,000 of the new cards, so if you're looking at getting one of these, you better be fast, as they'll most likely sell out quite quickly.

This is also the reason why AMD haven't been making any noise about having a new card available, since it's no point in promoting something that will only be available for a very limited time.

The good news is what you get in the box is a fully fledged GPU with no feature cutting, it's just clocked a little bit slower. If you're really lucky, you might be able to get one of these cards up to the same speed as the stock HD 2900XT's, but don't count on it.
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