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Two RV670 can fight 8800 Ultra

by on13 July 2007


Dual card in early 2008

Despites all
kinds of rumors around, we can confirm that ATI won't be releasing any Rx6xx chips this year. The company will try to finish RV670 this year, but as we've said several times before, this chip is going to show its face in early 2008.

ATI's only hope is to put two RV670 cards together and such a dual chip card should be able to take the performance crown away from Nvidia's G80 Ultra. The biggest problem is that at the time RV670 comes to reality, Nvidia is supposed to have the next generation card ready, it is called G92 by some.

Well, ATI don't have any other choice as its real next generation, the R700 won't be out until Q2 2008 and this is the best case scenario, somehting that ATI usually fails to achieve.

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