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OCZ moves NIA to an another level

by on05 March 2010


Cebit 2010: You can write letters with your mind

OCZ has
been working on NIA for quite a while, and although it has been selling for quite a while, Dr. Michael Schuette, VP of Technology development at OCZ, has given us an insight into new software and hardware changes as well as some other cool stuff that sounds stunning.

The hardware changes are minimal and it involves the change in materials that were used in sensors on the NIA as this time it has something to do with silver, or a silver-based material. The main change is the actual software, which includes the calibration control as well as some other games and tutorials which actually let you practice and also see what NIA is all about.



The software has been completely redesigned and honestly looks more futuristic which is something that NIA is all about.


The one thing that left us completely stunned is the little profile that Dr. Michael Schuette made in order to show the real potential of NIA. After opening a blank notepad file, Dr. Shuette was able to write a whole sentence by only using the "power of his brain", in this case NIA.

The story behind this is quite simple as you spin the letters by using certain NIA control and stop it at the letter that you want by another NIA control. It all takes a bit of practice but the bottom line is that it can be done. The best part is that it didn't take minutes to write a sentence and that it was pretty fast, almost as fast as writing it, which clearly points out that NIA can be used for everything and not just gaming.

We doubt that the writing profile will be available with new software, but we might see something similar in the future. In any case, the new software should be ready pretty soon.

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