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WD developing new Velociraptors

by on05 April 2010


Bigger and faster, believe it or not

Western Digital is apparently working on an entirely new series of Velociraptor enthusiast hard drives.

According to a leaked PDF, the new drives will be available in 150GB, 300GB, 400GB and 600GB capacities. They will run at 10,000RPM and consume up to 6.5W of power.

Seek times are impressive, between 3.6 and 4.2 milliseconds, and the new Velociraptors should be able to achieve read speeds of up to 145MB/s. They will feature SATA 6Gbps support and 32MB of cache. Although they won't be able to match SSDs in terms of performance, the new Velociraptors will come close and they will probably end up quite a bit cheaper.

For more info, check out the PDF.
Last modified on 05 April 2010
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