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India fears Chinese cyber war

by on19 January 2010


Government departments targeted

The Indian government claims that Chinese hackers have attempted to break into the office of India’s National Security Advisor and some other government departments.

In a statement the National Security Advisor's department said that it was fairly sure it was the Chinese. It is difficult to find the exact source but this is the main suspicion. The Indian government is co-operating with the US and UK to bolster its cyber defences, the government spokesman said.

China has denied any role in the hacking attacks, which also targeted US defence contractors and finance and technology companies. China has officially said that hacking in whatever form is prohibited by law in China.

However many believe that the hackers are operating as part of a military operation designed to find foreign technology, and hunt for dissidents. India has been becoming increasingly alarmed at the number of hacks of various government departments. In some cases the finger has been pointed at Pakistan.

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