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Yahoo falls out with Apple

by on20 August 2009


Sitting on iPhone update

Yahoo is
miffed at Apple's App Store reviewers for sitting on an update to the Yahoo Messenger for iPhone application.

Yahoo's Sarah Bacon calls out Apple for "the somewhat unpredictable process for getting apps approved and released" on the App Store. Yahoo said it submitted an update for the Yahoo Messenger app two weeks ago, but is still waiting. Two weeks is nothing in App Store approval delays or rejections go, Sling Media had to wait a month for SlingPlayer Mobile. Google Voice was actually rejected from the App Store.

Yahoo's decision to publicly call out Apple on its tardiness is interesting as most developers tend to do what Apple says. Anyone want to bet that Facebook's app, which was submitted after ours, gets approved first?" Bacon asked. Yahoo has since removed the post. A PR said that Bacon, who works for the Yahoo Messenger group, did not have all the facts concerning Yahoo's submission of the Messenger update to Apple, which was handled by the mobile team.

Apparently Yahoo pulled that update a week ago "to make some additional corrections/updates," Mast said. "This process resets the approval process time, which we were aware of." Odd that Bacon didn't know that.

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